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Phi - Build web3 world with your wallet activities

Let's build your personal web3 world with your wallet activity!

Phi (philand.xyz) is the first social gaming metaverse focused on “on-chain Identity” created using ENS and proven wallet activity, enabling the easy visualization of on-chain identities. It incentivizes users to interact with various web3 protocols, which provides positive feedback to all protocols and accelerates the overall network effect of Web3.

Our experience lets users generate their own personalized space using their ENS domain and allows them to claim in-game objects based on their wallet activity. Using the objects, users can build their own Web3 world to show off their on-chain identity.

Our Story

Jan ~ March 2022
We won two ETH Global Hackathons (NFTHACK2022 & BuildQuest) with prizes from ENS, IPFS, and Covalent.

March ~ May 2022
We launched the 1st demo on StarkNet Goerli Testnet in March and have had a total of 6324 lands created and over 30,000 objects claimed. Our 1st demo was closed on May 31.

June 2022
eBoy joined the Phi team. eBoy’s accomplishments to date are unquestionable: they were early creators on the internet and have collaborated with top brands, including Saint Laurent, Paul Smith, Balenciaga, and others. More recently, they co-founded Nouns and designed the iconic pixel art, which has become the symbolic CC0 IP representing Web3. At this point, we renewed our design (new logo, new landing page, brand color, and Isometric view).

29 August 2022 ~ Now
We launched our second demo for Phi on Polygon Mumbai Testnet. Please check this tweet for the details, and come try it out on mumbai.philand.xyz. And here's a quick guide on How to play Phi on testnet.

After playing, we'd love to hear your feedback:
Submit User Survey here: https://forms.gle/ABLGqiy5UgAeEk586
Submit Bug Report here: https://philand.canny.io/bug-reports
Submit Feature Request here: https://philand.canny.io/feature-requests

It's been only 1 week since our launch and we've seen incredible early traction. More than 10,000 Philands have been created and more than 470,000 objects have been purchased on testnet! 🚀 This is a great track record that proves our concept!

✅ January 2022 — Won ENS prize at NFTHACK2022
✅ March 2022 — Won IPFS/Filecoin & Covalent prize at BuildQuest
✅ March 2022 — Launching the 1st demo on StarkNet Goerli Testnet (closed).
✅ August 2022 — Launching our 2nd demo on Mumbai Testnet. 🥳
🔲 November 2022 — Launching Phi on Polygon Mainnet
🔲 December 2022~Q1 2023 — Something huge event for our early community

Future Ideas for Phi

・Phi Avatar
・Phi world Map (Connected multiple of lands into a map)
・Music NFT Integration (royal.io & sound.xyz)
・Communication Features(Text chat/ Voice chat)
・Dungeon game

And others to be crowdsourced from our community

・0xshugo - Co-founder/ CEO
・ZkEther - Co-founder/ COO
・Zak_3939 - Co-founder/ dev lead
・open3x - Frontend dev
・artoriatech - Backend dev
・eBoyArts - Pixel lead
・ta2nb - Pixel artist (Final Fantasy, etc...)
・fuzuzu - Pixel artist (Created famous Japanese Anime titles, such as Chainsaw Man, etc...)
・0xOzh - UI/UX designer(co-founder of Zypsy)
・Josh - Growth lead

We want your participation and support to build the most unique project together💫 Phi is gonna onboard the next billion people down the rabbit hole of crypto with the most fun, social, and familiar experience.

The funds donated to Phi in GR15 will be used to further our community initiatives.

If you cannot donate but are interested in helping Phi, please get involved using our official links:

Website - https://philand.xyz/
Twitter - https://twitter.com/phi_xyz
Discord - discord.gg/phi
Blog (Medium) - https://medium.com/@phi.xyz

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