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SyncSwap - Seamless AMM exchange on zkSync 2.0

SyncSwap is a powerful and seamless decentralized AMM exchange built upon zkSync 2.0, the future frontier of Ethereum. It natively features low-cost fees and full Ethereum security.

Project Status
SyncSwap is currently live on the zkSync 2.0 testnet and is under heavy development. Twitter has over 19K followers with over 21K Discord members.

You can try the testnet demo on syncswap.xyz.


  1. Security, Fast & Low cost

Thanks to zkSync, SyncSwap inherits the full security of the Ethereum mainnet. Transactions are instantly confirmed, with a meager gas fee that can be paid in virtually any token.

  1. Governance Enabled Advanced Pool Parameters

Trade fees can differ for each trading pair, making it more flexible and competitive. An amplification coefficient will be introduced in the upcoming update to better fit stable swaps. DAO will govern the pool parameters.

  1. USDs Stablecoin

Sync USD (USDs), a wrapped stablecoin backed by a basket of stable assets with the PSM system, has been created to concentrate liquidity and provide a medium for stable swap while simplifying the UX. Users can wrap, unwrap and swap with stables in zero slippage.

Why zkSync 2.0?
SyncSwap is dedicated to zkSync 2.0 because

  1. zkSync utilizes zero-knowledge proofs and can provide scalable with complete mainnet security and zero reliance on 3rd parties.

  2. It is EVM-compatible and provides standard Web3 API, which we believe is the key to massive adoption, providing a seamless experience for users.

Learn More
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