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ChainEye - Free and open source omnichain analytics

About Product

ChainEye aims to build the world leading free and open source omnichain analytical tools for retail investors. Currently, it has the following three functions:

BridgeEye - a multi-chain bridge comparison tool. Users can use this tool to find the optimal bridge option given the source chain, destination chain and the amount of asset. Launched in the Q4 2021, bridgeye has a total of over 80k user visits.

On-chain&CEX transfer fee - Uses can heck all the CEXs deposit and withdrawal status without the logging into CEX. Users can find the cheapest route between CEX & On-chain transfer by sorting out the withdrawal fee. The data is updated every 10 minutes.

Multichain Gas - Users can check the gas for ethereum, arbitrum, optimism , polygon, avalanche and bnb chain in one page.

Our Vision

ChainEye is a FREE tool and PUBLIC GOOD for crypto users. Our codebase is open source and welcomes developers from the world to contribute. In addition, we will allocate at least half of future revenues(contributed by projects) to Chaineye users and community members.

We believe free and open source is essential to build a successful web3 native product that is truly owned by users. There are tons of on-chain analytical tools in the market, but few of them are 100% free, open source and owned by users. We are going to change this by launching Chaineye.tools.

Plan with grant support
We plan to use the grant for the following development in future :

Enhance Token related functions
Develop new functions for NFT
Develop security related tools

Updates from last round
Support more bridges such as Bungee, Rainbow and Hyphen
Rank by TVL, transfer time and transfer cost
Filter by CEX routes or if the bridge has issued tokens
Calculate gas cost for both source chain and dest chain
Displayed detailed information about bridge such as audit report , tvl, social media data etc.

Community and Team

Chaineye is incubated by Biteye community(discord.gg/biteye) . Biteye is one of the leading web3 research communities in Asia with over 180K members across all channels. It provides members with daily alpha news, free web3 education, research report and analytical tools.

Product team members are veterans in crypto space and worked for top-tier tech companies( e.g.,Google, Bloomberg) before entering crypto space.

Built by community, used by community and owned by community. WAGMI.