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ENS.me started as a passion project, striving to improve the visualisation and discoverability of ENS domains, whilst promoting shareability across dapps.

With the recent surge of onboarded users thanks to the ENS token airdrop recently, there is no better time to develop ENS utility than now.

After winning the recent ETHGlobal Web3Jam hackathon we've received extremely strong feedback from the ENS community and can see that there is a demand to bring more utilities to the ENS ecosystem.

The traditional domain infrastructure has extensive tools readily available and this leaves a gap where ENS needs to catch up. The first step in the ENS.me project is to promote the visibility, filterability and searchability of ENS domains to make the ease of entry easier.

Secondly I will be looking to tackle visualisation of ENS domains through automatically generated profiles for both individual ENS domains and also individual owners through reverse lookups. This will create a profile drawing live, style-able data from the chain and display something ENS holders will (hopefully!) be proud to share around their networks.

Thirdly (and finally!), by sourcing this information and allowing for styling customisations I'm wanting to expose ENS data and style preferences to other dapps with ease. Imagine, when a new user onboards you will instantly have all their preferences, access to rich media and colour preferences. Yum!


As we're coming to a close of 2021 I've put together the plan for 2022 and in my opinion it's really exciting! I also want to put some notes around what the Gitcoin contributions will be put towards moving forward.

2021 Q4
As we lead up to Christmas my main goal is to bring on a small team around the ENS.me platform to assist in product ownership and also support development. This will give us a solid foundation moving forward. Hopefully you'll start to see a small number of friendly faces in the coming week or two!

2022 Q1
The first two core pillars of ENS.me that we'll be wanting to tackle is Discoverability and Visibility. This is a more stable version of the platform initially created allowing ENS domains to be searched, filtered and monitored with ease. We'll also be updating the appearance of single ENS domain pages to better display information and expand on the rich content we can render.

2022 Q2
Once we have ENS domains being displayed we will start to offer ownership and customisations to the pages for the domain owners, allowing their pages to be customised and managed as they wish. The managed information will be exposed via IPFS to allow other dapps to customise their own experiences to your customisations and we will be approaching some key dapps as we approach this milestone.

2022 Q3 and beyond
As we start to see our community grow we want to become the defacto source for ENS domain visibility and with this, move towards providing the providing a key secondary market for ENS domains. Rather than just slapping a generic NFT listing up, we'll be focussing on accurate categorisation, displaying key metrics and tailoring the listing experience and UI to better suit users.

Meet the Team

My name is Tom Wade and I'm based in the UK. I've been a developer in the web2 space for over 14 years now with a primary focus on digital development. I've run a digital agency that scaled up to 10+ people but as I saw how the web for evolving and with the dawn of cryptocurrencies I moved freelance to allow myself to devote more time to the growing in that space. I've found it intoxicating in a sense, seeing how far it has come so quickly.

I'm currently a solo developer on the project and through applying for this grant it will help support me and my family whilst I devote time to the project, as well as start to introduce new team members as we begin to grow. In the coming weeks I'm hoping to introduce some new members to the team and will continue to update the grant as they emerge.

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